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General Principles of Good Conduct

The Club has established a required standard of behaviour from all interested parties in the club. These rules serve to reinforce the sense of alliance and cooperation among the members of our football family.

Play Fair

Playing fair requires courage and character. It is also more satisfying. Fair Play always has its reward, even when the game is lost. Playing fair earns you respect, while cheats are detested.

Remember: It's only a game and games are pointless unless played fairly.

Observe the laws of the game

All games need rules to guide them. The rules of football are simple and easy to learn. Make an effort to learn them, so you understand the game better. This makes you a better player. It is just as important to understand the spirit of the rules.

Respect Opponents, Teammates, Referees, Officials and Spectators

Fair Play means respect. Without opponents there can be no game, show them respect. You form a team where all members are equal. Referees are there to maintain discipline and Fair Play. Always accept their decisions without arguing, and help them to help you enjoy the game more. Officials are also part of the game and must be respected accordingly. Spectators give the game atmosphere. They want to see the game played fairly, but must also behave fairly themselves.

Accept Defeat with Dignity
Nobody wins all the time. You win some, you lose some. Learn to lose graciously. Don't seek excuses for defeat. Genuine reasons will always be self-evident. Congratulate the winners with good grace. Don't blame the referee or anyone else. Determine to do better next time. Good losers earn more respect than bad winners.

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